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We like colors! A properly selected color can have a positive impact on your health! you can choose any color from our standard palette or unique color from NCS model. For an individual color selection we charge an additional fee from 10% to 30%.

More about colors

Bellow you will find a colors recently chosen by our customers - let yourself be inspired by them.

We don't like a black color because it has bleak character and it's diffcult to preserve it in good condition for years, yet if it's your choice we'll make it for you. We offer graphite color which is a perfect alternative to black one.

Remember that colors displayed on your screen may differ from the acutal ones. Each of us sees colors differently, so the best way to check them is to use color samples.

Order our color sample!

Colors in our standard range:

White RAL 9016 One of the advantages of White is its ability to enlarge an interior optically. Always versatile and elegant, associated with freshness and purity. Check our Room Ideas
Light Grey S 2005-B20G Greyness is a perfect base for colorful accessories, which can be used as accents of our interior. Check our Room Ideas
Dark Grey S 4502-G Creates a sense of balance, which can have a positive and calming effect on householders. Check our Room Ideas
Graphite S 7005-R80B Furniture in this color are an ideal background for family souvenirs that can be displayed using wooden or gold frames. Check our Room Ideas
Light Turquoise S 0520-B30G Has eye-pleasing appearance and breath of freshness. Perfect for small and bright rooms. Check our Room Ideas
Dark Turquoise S 0540-B30G Makes a perfect match with White. Additions in this color will brighten and diversify the décor. Check our Room Ideas
Yellow S 0560-Y Is a light, warm and cheerful option. Attracting and bringing plenty of positive energy. Check our Room Ideas
Orange S 0540-Y60R Is a very optimistic and vibrant color, that fills with joy. When used In interior arrangement can make the spaces cozier and more energetic. Zobacz inspiracje
Dusky Pink S 1010-R10B Depending on the type of interior décor, properly matched color can trigger emotions of joy and eccentricity. Will make ideal combination with white, black and shades of greys. Check our Room Ideas
Bottle Green S 6030-B90G Greens fit very well with natural raw materials like wood or clay. Arrangements with this color blend into modern and industrial style as well. Check our Room Ideas
Mint S 1020-B90g Is a mix of white, teal and light celadon. It is associated with freshness and viability. Check our Room Ideas
Red S 1080-R When using red in interior design, the arrangements have to be very well thought-out to avoid unnecessary chaos. Red goes well with glamour and retro design. Check our Room Ideas
Sky Blue S 2050-R90B Blue is thought to put people at ease as it relates to the sky and the ocean. Mostly associated with intelligence and openness. It increases productivity and triggers creativity. Check our Room Ideas
Petrol Blue S 6030B Pantone Color of the Year 2018. Characterized by a deep and intense shade of blue. Combined with white, gold and bronze will highlight the elegance and uniqueness of the interior. Check our Room Ideas
Navy Blue S 6020-R80B Is an intensive and distinctive color It likes the company of white, beige and creamy shades. Will create a subtle composition with powder pink. Check our Room Ideas
Living Coral S 0560-Y90R Pantone Color of the Year 2019. Highly intense and vivid color. At the same time inspiring and beaming with energy. Also triggers creativity and helps in developing cognitive abilities. Check our Room Ideas

Check out colors picked by our customers:

Ultra violet S 3050-R70B
Light Blue S 0515-R90B
Creamy S 0603-G80Y

Choose anything you like!

Complete NCS palette available on
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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