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About Us

Ragaba is a brand name for our manufacturing company where the need of creation has woken up because in each of us there’s an element of creativity. And it all started with...

For over 12 years we have been manufacturing wood components – it was a tedious and repetitive production for larger manufacturers. Therefore, our knowledge of wood quality is quite significant. Back in 2013, we started production of wooden legs in unusual shape; during which plenty of wood waste and leftovers were accumulated. Mainly solid pieces of wood… At that time we were producing about 2000 legs a week and our DNA didn’t allow us to put it all to a bin or furnace, conversely, our philosophy was always to use natural resources responsibly. Once our CNC operator cut a wooden toy in the shape of a cat from the waste wood, just for fun at first... As you can assume, a joke turned out to be the beginning of something great. We decided to go on with that idea and equipped the toys with small paints and sandpaper, to make them reusable. In this way, we have created toys that were our first success fairly enjoyed by us and our children. Then we shared those products with you J

This is how the RAGABA brand came into being – from the abbreviation RGB; because color matters!
We are not producing wooden toys and those legs anymore, yet our success story goes on.

It turned out that there are more different semi-finished goods at our place that can be possibly used in furniture manufacturing.

Our first furniture project was the UFO Coffee Table which was carried out in cooperation with ASP Wrocław and two designers; Szymon Hanczar and Magda Garncarz. Then we decided to expand on this project. Fortunately, I started a Facebook conversation about Fablabs (a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication) with a very interesting person. Sharing our views and believing in our ideas he decided to join us. A creative individualist; our design engineer – Marcin Gładzik. At that time we succeed in building our team that could move mountains, but what for? Why not create beautiful things and ship them on time instead.

Creating is fun; that’s why we are offering our clients the possibility of putting various colours on our furniture. You can freely choose from complete NCS palette. If you would like to change a dimension check this link for more information  

And above all, enjoy every single day of your life, ‘coz it’s really worth it!

Best regards,

Justyna Bielawska

P.S. In our production we use only FSC® certified wood. It means that the wood was sourced with a great concern for forests stability and their biodiversity. In those forestial areas any diversity is respected, as well as human and animal rights. We are creating new workplaces by giving our best, however, things are not so pretty all the time, yet we are on a path of continuous improvement. 

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.78 / 5.00 247 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
I'm a tall guy (2m) so this bed is a blessing, can't find frames this size anywhere. It came within a few days after order. Assembly was easy and took about an hour. Needed the help of another person to set up the back board but otherwise easy solo. Thanks!
The Enveloppe table is magnificent, just as I expected. In addition, I had a personalized follow-up of great quality from Łukasz whom I thank very much.