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This is a story about love for people with large bodily dimensions.

This is a story about love for people with large bodily dimensions.

A story about my love for my brother, my very tall friend and all the volleyball players I have met in my life. A woman's story about a dream archetype of a tall man. This is what statistically women are looking for. Theoretically, the search for a tall man is getting easier, because in the last 40 years Poles grew on average by 7 cm! The Dutch by 5cm, the Germans by 4cm.

And the fantastic, tall guy of our dreams is forced by the modern world to sleep on beds unchanged in length for over 50 years! Most of the beds are still 200 cm long - as in the 1960s. This lovely guy needs to shrink in his sleep. How does it sound… shrink in a dream.

When my brother was 196 cm tall as a teenager, he slept across the bed as a teenager, because at home he had a slightly wider than the standard bed. When he was at boarding school he used to put a stool on the end of the bed. I know volleyball players with a height of around 200 cm, have problems with a comfortable rest in every hotel, rented apartment and even in their own bed.

Generally, my brother got used to it over the years that he had to shrink a bit while he was sleeping. Unfortunately, after years of adjusting to reality, these people begin to hunch. Meanwhile, the world says, "get enough sleep", sleep is the most important thing, relax, breathe fully -  as you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

Remember that not only height must fit in the bed; the arms should fit there too. According to the research, the arm span is about equal to the height. So the guy 190 cm tall has an arm about 80 cm long. This, of course, depends on the circumference of the chest, however, these measurements could be only taken by a seamstress. Nevertheless, the bent arm is another 30 cm. And how can all this wealth be packed into 200 cm?

Proper length of the bedframeThe dark sight of a cramped man - this great, tall man, father or future father of our children. Maybe not a father, but only a lover or maybe just a handsome gay friend, just any man wonderful in his diversity - The sight made me sad. That is why the Dabi bed was created. To celebrate diversity.

This bed will be super comfortable not only for a tall man, thanks to solid fittings and additional legs, but it will also be extremely stable for heavier people. For such we offer a 200 cm version. In addition, thanks to the headrest at an ergonomic angle, everyone will be more comfortable to read and watch.

Ergonomic headboard angle

There is a lot of talk about the quality of the mattress, the ergonomics of the desk or the kitchen countertop, while the length of the bed is silent. Even I, a woman 168cm tall, would like to have a longer bed so that I can easily stretch out. Oh yes! I believe that being comfortable in sleep is the beginning of a fulfilling, healthy life.


DABI Bed W 140cm x L 220 cm / White

DABI Bed W 140cm x L 220 cm / White

389,55 EUR incl. VAT/1pc.
DABI Bed W 160cm x L 200 cm / Dark Grey

DABI Bed W 160cm x L 200 cm / Dark Grey

410,21 EUR incl. VAT/1pc.
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Excellent customer service!! Beautiful product!